Watch Henry Cavill Build His Gaming PC And Win The Hearts Of The Internet


Henry Cavill is turning heads over his now-viral Instagram video where he showcased himself assembling his gaming PC.

With Barry White’s You’re The First, My Last, My Everything and Can’t Get Enough Of Your Love Babe playing in the background, the internet surely did not expect that they would be listening to a sultry tune while a nerd and heartthrob constructs his computer.

In spite of the randomness, the internet still can’t help but gush over the Superman actor’s charms and well… eye-catching physique.

The supercut video runs for 5 minutes but the process paused at one point because the device he used for recording has reached maximum storage. To be fair, building a gaming PC part by part is no piece of cake.

“Not really a surprise considering this took hours,” the video stated.

For avid Henry Cavill fans, seeing the The Witcher actor in this setup is no surprise. In fact, he even admitted that he missed Zach Snyder’s phone call to offer him the role of Superman because he was too invested playing World of Warcraft.

Watch Henry Cavill set up his gaming PC below:


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