It’s Raining Men: Meet The Candidates Of Mister International Korea 2020


Korea is not only a major pioneer of drama tv shows, but also a purveyor of beauty. They are avid followers and trendsetters of makeup products, beauty trends, skincare, cosmetic surgery, and many more. It is no secret that Korea holds aesthetics as a high priority. Mister International Korea 2020 is one example of that. It is a male pageant that has taken place for 14 years. The event has become a way to promote Korean beauty not just to locals but around the world.

Here are some candidates who you can get to know more about as you watch Mister International Korea 2020:

1. Cho Young Dong

Photo Credit: Instagram/ youngdongcho

Cho Young Dong has been a model for a few years but is also a basketball player and coach.

2. Oh Han Su

Photo Credit: Instagram/ oh.hammer

Aside from being a pageant king, Oh Han Su is also a radiologist.

3. Rhee Keon Seok

Photo Credit: Instagram/ g_y_d00

Rhee Keon Seok is a baseball player who also works as an umpire in Seoul.

4. Jung Tae Yan

Photo Credit: Instagram/ yangee_ee

Jung Tae Yan gets his fit physique from working as a personal trainer in Suwon, Gyeonggi.

5. Hwangbo Jinwoo

Photo Credit: Instagram/ hotguy_jinwoo

Hwangbo Jinwoo looks like a teenager but is actually 30 years old! He works as a quality researcher of a major company and is based in Busan.

From just looking at 5 candidates, it is clear that Mister International Korea is filled with handsome men. If you wanna learn more about the other 28 candidates and see the cowboy-themed photoshoot of all candidates, check out the Mister International Korea website or its Instagram (@misterinternationkorea).

Photo Credit: Instagram/yangee_ee, Instagram/ g_y_d00, Instagram/ hotguy_jinwoo


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