Cardi B On Lumpiang Shanghai: ‘Good As Hell’


Cardi B recently got a taste of Filipino cuisine courtesy of her Pinay aunt-in law, and guess what, she loves it!

According to the Grammy Award winning artist, she has no idea what it’s called but she enjoys it best when partnered with barbecue sauce.

“I don’t know what the f— this s— called but this s— good as hell with some m—f— barbecue sauce,” the rapper raved.

Later on, she tries how Filipinos really do it and dips it in vinegar sauce.

“This cuisine is Philippines ’cause y’all know my aunt in law, my aunt — she’s like my aunt already because — Man! You’ve been around for 22 years?” she said in a different IG story.

Aside from the buffet staple Lumpiang shanghai, her aunt also served some pancit and fruit salad.

Watch Cardi B’s entertaining adoration towards lumpiang shanghai below:

Photo Source: Instagram/iamcardib