Born To Be Wild Helps Stray Dogs Affected By Lockdown This Sunday


On this Sunday’s fresh episode of award-winning environmental and wildlife program “Born to be Wild”, hosts and expert veterinarians Doc Ferds Recio and Doc Nielsen Donato continue to rescue animals and at the same time document the wild affected by the quarantine.

With many areas under lockdown in the past months, local authorities say that the number of stray or abandoned dogs has increased. In Old Balara, Quezon City, barangay officials used to collect three stray dogs a week before the pandemic. But since quarantine began, this number has increased to seven. They suspect that some residents who can no longer support their pets’ food needs have left the animals on their own.

Doc Ferds visits a place in Old Balara where stray dogs are kept. These dogs are now up for adoption thanks to a concerned citizen. But before the dogs can meet their new families, Doc Ferds must check the animals to make sure they are healthy. Doc Ferds and the team accompany one dog named “Saver” to his new home.

In recent months, many have found it more difficult to acquire food supplies. In the animal world, finding food in the changing environment has already been a struggle. Some species bury themselves under mud and wait for hours for their prey. Others wait for low tide so they can search for their meals. Doc Nielsen and his team document these food hunters.

Catch another brand-new episode of Born to be Wild this August 9, after AHA! on GMA-7.


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