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Monthly Archives: November, 2019

Pinoy Celebs Who Have Been In Showbiz Since They Were Kids

One of the biggest influencers in show business today aside from our favorite loveteams would be celebrities and actors we've witnessed from their early...

10 Things To Do When You’re Just Stressed Out

It’s a hard situation to be in: your eyes hurt, fingers sore and you’ve only managed to do one workload from your mountain of...

10 Shirtless Celebrity Hunks Who Are Bringing More Heat This Summer

Celebrity heartthrobs are known to have been working hard regularly to maintain their manly physique. No doubt that girls, and even boys, can't resist...

10 Types Of Commuters You Most Likely Have Encountered

It is no secret that commuting here in the Philippines is no easy feat. Taking into consideration the hot, humid weather mixed with the...

10 Celebrities And Their Hobbies Outside Showbiz

Obviously, celebrities have a passion for acting. That's why they've given it a shot and entered the showbiz industry. But like us, these celebrities are...

“Superman” Henry Cavill Is Coming to Manila

Actor Henry Cavill, best known for playing Superman is coming to Manila on December 12, 2019 to promote his new Netflix Original show, “The...

Joyce Pring Is Engaged!

Following several engagement announcements over the past few weeks, another couple is tying the knot! The Filipino TV personality, host, radio DJ and occasional actress...

Check Out These 10 Celebrity-owned Businesses

Yeah, there's no business like the show business but there's also no guarantee that the limelight will shine on you forever, and these TV...

10 Surefire Ways To Cure PMS

Every woman knows the monthly struggle of PMS: you can’t stand anything or anyone, and everything that moves either pisses you off to kingdom...

10 Best-Loved ‘Star Magic Ball’ Look Of Piolo Pascual Over The Years

Who doesn't love this guy? Celebrity hunk Piolo Pascual is not t your typical Pinoy actor. He can also sing, model and take lead...

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